For you…

Februarie 6, 2010

I hope that the right person will read this.

I need you. I hope you`ll understand. I need you. I need you to do things. Many things. Like laughing, having fun, crying, dancing, singing, play games, or just do nothing. Can you understand this?
I know that you`re scared. I am too. But I`m not runing like you. Please, stop runing. It`s gonna be ok. Do you believe me?

Trust me. I`m not gonna hurt you. For me, you are important, very important and you know that. Let me be your friend. Let me get inside you and feel like you, feel with you. I know you need a friend, a friend who can understand you and be there for you everytime.

I`m not saying it`s gonna be perfect. But we can try to be fine. So, please stop runing and face me.

I miss you…

2 comentarii

  1. who’s the „right person”?

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